Raaflaub Wilhelm 1859 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Johann Wilhelm
goes by:Wilhelm
places of action:Wispile (Saanen)
date of birth:1859-09-21
date of death:1909-01-24
occupations:Landwirt, Gemeinderat, Amtsrichter

father:Raaflaub Wilhelm 1812

mother:Mösching Anna Katharina 1824

siblings:Raaflaub Katharina 1849
Raaflaub Alfred 1855
Raaflaub Emma


married to:Steffen Marie 1861
date of marriage:1880
children:Raaflaub Arnold 1881–1884
Raaflaub Wilhelm 1882
Raaflaub Louise 1884

traced back to:Raaflaub Christian 1530

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Wilhelm 1859