Raaflaub Frederick 1874 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Friedrich (?) S.
goes by:Frederick
places of action:Syracuse (New York, USA)
date of birth:1874
place of birth:Weissenburg (Därstetten)
date of death:1957
place of death:Syracuse (New York, USA)

father:Raaflaub Gottlieb 1840

mother:Streun Magdalena

siblings:Raaflaub Gottlieb 1870
Raaflaub George 1872
Raaflaub Bertha 1878–1958
Raaflaub Adelaide 1881
Raaflaub Albert


married to:Lawton Ethel
date of marriage:1905-11-26
children:Raaflaub Frederick 1910
Raaflaub Ernest 1912
Raaflaub Howard
Raaflaub Elizabeth
Raaflaub Frances 1918
Raaflaub Charlotte 1922

traced back to:Raaflaub Christian 1530

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Frederick 1874