Raaflaub Alfred 1864 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Alfred
places of action:Ryerson, Robbs Rock, Burk's Falls (Ontario, Canada)
date of birth:1864-12-27
place of birth:Gruben (Saanen)
date of death:1955-06-09
place of death:Burk's Falls (Ontario, Canada)
place of burial:Burk's Falls (Ontario, Canada)

father:Raaflaub Emanuel 1838

mother:Matti Eliza 1841

siblings:Raaflaub Sophie 1862
Raaflaub Robert 1863
Raaflaub Emanuel 1866
Raaflaub Karl 1867
Raaflaub Elise 1870
Raaflaub Carl 1879


married to:Gerber Lina 1865
children:Raaflaub Alfred
Raaflaub Louis 1886
Raaflaub William
Raaflaub Emma 1890
Raaflaub Ludwig 1892
Raaflaub Ida 1894
Raaflaub May
Raaflaub Lillian 1898
Raaflaub Manford 1902
Raaflaub Nellie
Raaflaub Mildred

traced back to:Raaflaub Christian 1530

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Alfred 1864