Raaflaub (Booth) Leslie 1906 — family tree entry
Looking back
given names:Leslie Vernon
goes by:Leslie
date of birth:1906-09-28
place of birth:Sprucedale (Ontario, Canada)
date of death:1997
Name:Raised by his uncle Arthur Booth; took the Booth surname.

father:Raaflaub Robert 1863

mother:Booth Jennett 1869

siblings:Raaflaub Jannet 1892
Raaflaub Robert Oliver 1893
Raaflaub Florence
Raaflaub Victor
Raaflaub Stanley
Raaflaub Norman 1899
Raaflaub George
Raaflaub Arthur
Raaflaub Gordon
Raaflaub Edna 1905


married to:Stephens Mae 1904
children:2 daughters, 1 son

sources:Raaflaub (1977II), S. 65, corrections

traced back to:Raaflaub Christian 1530

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub (Booth) Leslie 1906