Raaflaub Charles Ludwig 1860 — family tree entry
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given names:Karl Ludwig
goes by:Charles Ludwig
places of action:Bern
date of birth:1861-09-01
place of birth:Bern
date of death:1910-10-09
place of death:Bern

father:Raaflaub Emanuel 1811

mother:Léchaire Marie Louise 1821

siblings:Raaflaub Susanna Maria 1837
Raaflaub Elise Maria 1838
Raaflaub Kaspar Wilhelm 1840
Raaflaub Henriette Julie 1842
Raaflaub Verena Katharina 1843
Raaflaub Karl Eduard 1844
Raaflaub Johann Jakob 1845
Raaflaub Magdalena 1846
Raaflaub Friedrich Bendicht 1848
Raaflaub Johannes 1850
Raaflaub Amelie 1851
Raaflaub Peter 1853
Raaflaub Emanuel Albert 1855
Raaflaub Hermann 1857
Raaflaub Michael 1858


married to:Glauser Emma
date of marriage:1893
children:Raaflaub Elsa
Raaflaub Madeleine
Raaflaub Alfred

sources:Lerber (1958V)
ZAS, Burgerrodel Saanen 2, S. 435
ZAS, Burgerrodel Saanen 5, S. 408
Raaflaub (1929), S. 2

traced back to:Raaflaub Christian 1530

tree view:relatives of Raaflaub Charles Ludwig 1860